The Jurassic Chronicles Q&A: Terry Maggert

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My short story, Glitch Mitchell and the Island of Terror, has just been published in the new Future Chronicles anthology – The Jurassic Chronicles. (Currently on sale for just 99c!) To celebrate the launch, I’m running a few interviews here on the site. Today, I’m talking to Terry Maggert about Noble Savage. What attracted you to the Jurassic Chronicles project? Other than the quality of Samuel’s work? It was a chance to play– without rules– and use dinosaurs with no limits. That’s too tempting. I was in. What was the inspiration for your story? Naturally, I had a teacher who inspired fear and terror in even doses. This was the fourth grade, and when combined with a love of dinosaurs, it seemed like a logical conclusion to marry time travel, dinosaurs, a matriarchal revolution, and school into one narrative. In other news, I don’t sleep much and this seemed quite a good idea at the time. I’ll let the readers decide. Where do you stand on the whole “dinosaurs had feathers” issue? They did. We have the evidence, the feathers are real, and I for one am thrilled. The vibrancy of those animals must have been something akin to magical. What are you … Read More