UnCommon Minds Q&A: Christopher Godsoe

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My new story, Sitala, has just been published in the UnCommon Minds anthology. To celebrate, I’m interviewing some of the authors about their stories. Today, I’m talking to Christopher Godsoe about LEGION Protocol. What was the inspiration for the uncommon mind in your story? I’ve always been fascinated by the concepts of artificial intelligence, mind uploading, and the digitizing of human consciousness. I can’t get too much more into it without giving away the plot of the story, but I think those ideas alone could be fodder for hundreds if not thousands of stories. What are you most proud of about the story? Hopefully, that it makes people think. There’s a twist that happens at one point in the story that is meant to encourage the reader to ask themselves some very difficult questions about themselves, and about the nature of life in general. What uncommon mind would you like to meet and why? There are actually three. Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Alan Turing. I think that the three of them each understood deeper truths to the nature of our reality, and human mortality robbed us of them having the time to answer more of the “big questions”. A big part of what … Read More