UnCommon Bodies Q&A: Vasil Tuchkov

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Welcome back for another UnCommon Bodies interview. Today Vasil Tuchkov is here to talk about his mysterious tale, In Her Image. What attracted you to the UnCommon Bodies project?  A fellow writer showed me the UnCommon Bodies project, as he thought my work might be a good fit for it. He was right, as I like to think of myself as an “enemy of symmetry”, and a fan of the odd and quirky (which inevitably seems to sneak into my work even when I’m going for a straightforward narrative). The prompt’s cover was cool, and the part about the “misfits” caught me. My thoughts were that I had just the animal for this gathering of weird ones, and as it turned out, it was well accepted. What are you most proud of about the story? What I like about In Her Image is the attempt to put into words a thing that is beyond a description; an ephemeral moment reached (and lost) by a craftsman in the pursuit of mastery. Immune to the strive for perfection, an unexpected brink of brilliance that cannot be contained. Naturally, I failed, as by definition, it is impossible to pin down the “thing”. What was the hardest thing about … Read More