“Is it by mistake or design?”

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My wife and I are a couple of weeks behind on our viewing of American Horror Story but we’re really enjoying it. In part, because of things like this:   That was enough to pique our interest and over the weekend I bought all three of Lana Del Rey’s albums so that we can listen to things like this:   It turns out, I already liked one of Del Rey’s songs. Amanda Palmer did a cover of this track and it’s a regular on my iPod.   Incidentally, if you are looking to buy some Lana Del Rey songs, she has a special edition of her first album, Born to Die, which includes both Born to Die and her second album, Paradise. I think it’s about $5 cheaper than getting them both separately. [“Is it by mistake or design?” by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 18th November 2014]