Metrics Monday – 24th February 2014

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Having said that the climate in Vancouver is pretty mild and we don’t get much snow, we’re now well into our third day of snowfall. I live downtown and it still hasn’t really settled on the roads – there’s some slush but not much else – but there is snow on higher ground and outside the city (maybe six inches in Burnaby where I work). The snow was supposed to turn to rain this afternoon but it didn’t so we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow. I’ve got a physio session in the morning but then I’ll probably take transit to work, it’s generally quicker and safer when there’s snow around. Anyway, word metrics. A disappointing 3,737 on¬†The Ghost Smuggler last week. The slow progress is really down to the fact that I’m revising which means there’s not a lot of new words but still, I’d hoped to get further. I lost a few hours on Saturday because I was attending the WANACon online writing conference. I took part in five sessions including Mercedes M Yardley’s session on Writing in Stolen Moments and a very timely session on revision by¬†Gabriela Periera and Julie Duffy. I missed the first day but … Read More