The Jurassic Chronicles Q&A: Emily Mah

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My short story, Glitch Mitchell and the Island of Terror, has just been published in the new Future Chronicles anthology – The Jurassic Chronicles. (Currently on sale for just 99c!) To celebrate the launch, I’m running a few interviews here on the site. Today, I’m talking to Emily Mah about Cryptoscience. What attracted you to the Jurassic Chronicles project? I love a good theme anthology, and Samuel Peralta’s been doing some of the very best lately. I also began my writing career in science fiction, but then ended up with a romance career, which pays the bills. I really wanted to come home to the genre, though, and this was a great opportunity. Where do you stand on the whole “dinosaurs had feathers” issue? As I understand it, feathers and scales are structurally very similar. The main difference is the size (I could be completely wrong, there). So it makes sense to me, perhaps according to false information, that they might have feathers. I skirted the issue by not having a dinosaur in my story, but rather a different branch on that family tree, which did have feathers. What’s the setting for your story? Middle America, because I think that served as a … Read More