Kickstarter of the (not every) Week – Coyote & Crow

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I have a Kickstarter problem. According to my profile, I’ve backed 237 projects since February 2016 plus 22 that I either dropped out of or were unsuccessful. That’s a lot of projects. Most of the projects I back are book, role-playing game, board game, or video game related but I’ve backed whiskey glasses, wallets, and running gear, too. Most of the projects have been delivered although the very first project I backed just passed its five year anniversary with no sign of it actually being completed. I have cut down on the number of projects I back but there are a lot of cool creative things happening on Kickstarter so I thought I’d start highlighting some of the interesting ones here. Hopefully if you back them I don’t need to feel so bad when I succumb and back them as well. First up, Coyote & Crow. In the words of the team behind the project: Coyote and Crow is a tabletop role playing game set in an alternate future of the Americas where colonization never occurred. Instead, advanced civilizations arose over hundreds of years after a massive climate disaster changed the history of the planet. You’ll play as adventurers starting out … Read More