Zombie Q&A: Arthur Mongelli

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To celebrate the launch of Serial Killer Z, I’ve got a bit of a zombie theme going on for this month and I’ve lined up a series of interviews with a few zombie authors. First up is Arthur Mongelli, author of Harvest of Ruin.   Hi, please introduce yourself and your writing… Hi everyone! I’m Arthur Mongelli, author of Harvest of Ruin and the sequel, Harvest of Ruin: The Dead of Winter Tell us about your zombie series… Harvest follows a broad array of survivors as they navigate and struggle to stay alive. The bacterial infection that causes reanimation is as a result of industrial food production and strikes everywhere that receives shipments of frozen meat. The causes are of little consequence to the story, however, as the survivors find themselves in daily struggles to stay alive, keep their loved ones, and in Donner, their community alive. Why do you write about zombies? My obsession with the genre started at a young age. For me, the desire to write about them stemmed from my frustration with a lack of realism in the genre, as well as the story in my head. I also think there is a certain romance in … Read More