Top 5 Weird Aliens

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Let’s face it, the world loves aliens – watching them, reading about them, arguing about whether they exist. It’s not a new phenomenon by any means – Johannes Kepler’s book, Somnium, details a race of “daemons” who live in the moon and that was written in 1608 but even after four hundred years, the idea of meeting beings from another planet hasn’t lost its appeal. Aliens have provided some of the most iconic images in pop culture – the xenomorph and its face huggers, daleks, cybermen, the predator, chewie to name just a few  But, let’s face it, some aliens are just weird. To celebrate the fact that Eric Tozzi’s alien infested Apocalypse Weird novel, Phoenix Lights is on offer for the bargain price of 99c, here’s five of the weirdest aliens ever to grace our screens… Mac from Mac and Me Yeah… E.T. = Cute “Mysterious Alien Creature” = Creepy Gilbert the Alien from Get Fresh I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching Get Fresh but the blend of Gaz Top and the spectacularly low budget Gilbert looks like a winner to me. Boohbah What is it with children’s television? Apparently, this bizarre race of creatures appear whenever children are laughing. <shudder> The Abzorbaloff Let’s face it, … Read More