Here’s a selection of free stories, either posted on this site or elsewhere on the web. All comments and feedback welcome.

Artificial Wife
Most of the time I can almost believe she’s real.
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Origami Man
The origami man unfolded his arms and said hello to the young boy.
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Abby looked around the room and threw up.
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Night Man is Waiting
The dispatch computer pinged twice. Night Man is waiting.
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The Many Deaths of Albert G Elderberry
Albert G Elderberry barely noticed the first time he died.
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Cag: An Almost True Story
Jacob first realised his ghoul was missing when he went outside to give him his favourite meal – Roast Prime Rib with a Red Wine Jus and a side of Rosemary Encrusted Lamb’s Brain.
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Piece Number 7
My name is Max Gambino and I know the real story behind Gustav Lang. Not the sensationalist crap that gets printed in the rags but the actual, honest to goodness, sweat, blood and tears story of Gustav Lang and the music he created; the story that’s been buried under the controversy and the arrests and the trial and the Lang Act. Most of what people know about him is a lie, created by publicists trying to bolster sales and lawyers trying to protect their clients. Lang deserves better than that. Music can be wondrous. Lang is proof of that.
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Professor Declan Finnegan, world renowned explorer and hero for hire, settled down in the dust and slowly stroked the smooth skin of his chin. Narrowing his eyes despite the cloying darkness, he stared at the box that lay in front of him.
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On the Finding of the Body
When the bird found the body, she sang; a celebration, not of death but of life. The life lived. The life loved. Another bird appeared, then another and another. Each one joined the song, adding melody, subtlety and depth; making it whole. The song wound on as the sun dipped towards the horizon, endlessly repeating with variations on a tune that had filled the forest for a thousand years. As the sun vanished, the birds stopped singing. Dipping their heads in respect, they left the clearing and returned to their nests.
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Insect Girl Climbs to Paradise
The Wall was well over four hundred feet high but the girl knew what was on the other side. Everyone did.
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“This is what happens?” said Nathan.
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“You want to be a what when you grow up? A sassinak? I bet you don’t even know what that is.”
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