One Hundred and Fifty Days of Writing

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I completed the 150th day of my writing streak on Tuesday which means I’ve written every day since the 30th June. Total word count for those 150 days was 102,135 or  about 681 words per day (compared to 737 words per day for the first 100).

This is the daily word count graph for those 150 days.


(Click for a bigger version)

All those words took me 153 hours 15 minutes which is a delicious 666 words per hour. You can see the breakdown by day in this graph which includes time spent revising.


(Click for a bigger version)

In the fifty days since I last looked at the streak I’ve written  about 28, 480 words. Most of that was on the newly re-working titled Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet but I did finish off In the Shadow of Memories and write a flash piece called Clockwork which I’m hoping to revise and send out this weekend.

It’s hard to tell from those graphs but if you compare the last 50 days with the first 100 it’s clear that my writing productivity has dropped. With the Christmas break coming up I’m hoping I can buck that trend and pick up the pace a bit. I’d like to get Glitch finished and I’ve got an idea for a play that I want to noodle around with. I’ve also got some almost finished stories I need to revise. And revisions of The Ghost Smuggler. Oh, and there’s the still the matter of my 2010 197 day writing streak to beat.

[One Hundred and Fifty Days of Writing by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 30 November 2013]

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