Metrics Monday – 18th November 2013

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Despite being away in Stockholm, I manged a respectable 5,011 words last week.

weeklysummary-20131117As you can see there was a big spike on Thursday – that was the four hour/2,226 word marathon I managed on the flight back to Vancouver. Without that it would have been a pretty feeble week.

Most of that work was on Glitch but Sunday’s writing was actually a new story – working title Clockwork. It’s a science fiction flash piece, about 847 words. Stylistically it’s a bit of a departure for me so we’ll see if I still like it in a week or so when I come back to revise it.

[Metrics Monday – 18th November 2013 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 18th November 2013]


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