Metrics Monday – 14th October 2013

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Not quite my least productive week since I started my writing streak (which now sits at 106 days) but close. In fact, this week’s total of 3,202 is only 6 words more than my lowest.


This week was only saved by the fact that I wrote almost 800 words on the ferry on the way to Victoria, and managed to stay awake long enough on Sunday night to add 677 words – a lot more than I was expecting.

Still, I’ve broken the 20,000 word mark onĀ Glitch Mitchell and the Planet Within (working title). I don’t have high hopes for this week either, I have a day off but I’m also going to very busy with a day job project.

[Metrics Monday – 14th October 2013 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 14th October 2013]

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