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So, Peter Capaldi has signed on for the life changing experience that is playing The Doctor. Although I recognise Peter’s face, I’m not that familiar with his work and don’t really have any preconceived ideas about what he’ll be like. In any case, I don’t really go in for that popular Internet pastime – critique the casting (there’s no point – we all know Tom Baker is the one true doctor). He does look like he’d fit a sterner, less whimsical, less flaily doctor though so we’ll see. However he plays the role, he certainly seems to be a big fan of the series.

Of course, no Doctor Who casting can be complete without its share of controversy. I for one think it would have been very interesting to see someone other than a white male in the role, if only to see what sort of a hornet’s nest that would stir up on the ‘net.

Maybe next time.

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

[Twelve by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 7th August 2013]

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