On Surprises and Commitments

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I had a surprisingly productive evening writing yesterday. I wasn’t planning on doing any writing to be honest. I was planning on spending a quiet evening lying on the sofa catching up on some gaming. Or reading some more of The Drowning Girl (I’m travelling next week and want to get it finished so that I can return to my Kindle for the trip). Or just sleeping.

I was not planning on adding another 1051 words to The Ghost Smuggler. Still, that’s what I did and I’m glad. I’m reasonably happy with progress although there are a few tweaks I want to make today.

I also signed up for Kat Howard’s Intro to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction course at LitReactor. I debated whether it was a good idea for quite a while but I really enjoyed the first course I took part in (Jeremy C. Shipp’s) and it definitely gave me a creative boost. Hopefully I’ll get the same thing from Kat’s.

I’ve also signed up for the Clarion Write-a-thon a six week writing fundraiser that runs alongside the Clarion workshop – you can sponsor me through that page if you’re feeling so inclined. My goal is to add another 15,000 words (hopefully good ones) to my the new draft of The Ghost Smuggler. Things have been going well so far but writing is about to get quite a lot harder. We have a half-marathon to run on Sunday and I’m travelling to Florida next week which chews up five days pretty well. Throw in the LitReactor class and my day job and I’m going to have a hectic couple of months.

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