Artificial WifeStory Shack Magazine July 2014
Most of the time I can almost believe she’s real.

CAvENebula Rift Volume 2 Number 5 June 2014
My name is Daniel Jones and tomorrow I start my journey into the future. That is, unless my reprieve comes through which seems unlikely given that my court appointed defence lawyer is an imbecile fresh out of school and I’m guilty as hell.

The Bone BoyBones Anthology 20 September 2013, JWK Best of Horror 2013 4 August 2014
By the time Max’s mum and dad told him the Bone Boy wasn’t real, it was too late.

Origami ManHogglepot 12 May 2013
The origami man unfolded his arms and said hello to the young boy.

Happin3ss101.comeHorror May 2013
Alan stared at the e-mail. Then he closed it. Then he stared at it lying in his inbox. Then he opened it.
“Bloody hell,” he said quietly.

AftermathThe Were-Traveler
Abby looked around the room and threw up.

Only FriendsAnthology of European SF
He had brown hair. Dark brown. Like mine. I’m telling you that because he’s not here any more and I’m beginning to forget what he looked like.

Night Man is WaitingIbexian
The dispatch computer pinged twice. Night Man is waiting.

The Many Deaths of Albert G ElderberryFast-Forward Festival
Albert G Elderberry barely noticed the first time he died. He was hit by the black SUV that had accelerated towards him as he crossed the street on his way to the store. He was 68 and the impact shattered bones and tore open internal organs, leaving him dead in the road before the SUV reached the corner of the street.

Piece Number 7Garbled Transmissions
My name is Max Gambino and I know the real story behind Gustav Lang. Not the sensationalist crap that gets printed in the rags but the actual, honest to goodness, sweat, blood and tears story of Gustav Lang and the music he created; the story that’s been buried under the controversy and the arrests and the trial and the Lang Act. Most of what people know about him is a lie, created by publicists trying to bolster sales and lawyers trying to protect their clients. Lang deserves better than that. Music can be wondrous. Lang is proof of that.

HiddenEvery Day Fiction
Professor Declan Finnegan, world renowned explorer and hero for hire, settled down in the dust and slowly stroked the smooth skin of his chin.

On the Finding of the BodyBrown God
When the bird found the body, she sang; a celebration, not of death but of life.

The Z WordSo Long, and Thanks for All the Brains
Welcome to Newslines. Tonight, we continue our week long examination of the zombie plague and its effects on the world around us. This time we’re discussing the growing phenomenon of women who’ve taken zombies into their lives, and in some cases, their beds.

Insect Girl Climbs to Paradise – Flurb 9
The Wall was well over four hundred feet high but the girl knew what was on the other side. Everyone did.


Two Nights in New Orleans – New Horizons

A Job for an Angel – Dark Terrors

Vigil – Blood Samples

End – Blood Samples

Letter from a Victim – Peeping Tom


Video Game Scripts

Lego Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge – Gameboy Advance (2001)

Dogs of War – PC (2000)

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