Zombie Q&A: LC Champlin

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To celebrate the launch of Serial Killer Z, I’ve got a bit of a zombie theme going on for this month and I’ve lined up a series of interviews with a few zombie authors. Today, I’m talking to LC Champlin, author of the first book in the Wolves of the Apocalypse series, Behold Darkness. Hi, tell us about yourself… I started writing when I was old enough to hold a crayon. I’m just as excited about my stories now as back then, but I use multi-syllable words and a word processor now. I write fiction because the characters in my head have too much attitude to stay in my skull, I want to see the world through different eyes, and I need to live life through different souls. My stories are dark and snarky with plenty of action. But don’t think you’re in for a mental junk-food read. The characters force you to answer difficult questions as they negotiate the zompocalypse. Tell us about your book… On a trip to San Francisco, New York businessman Nathan Serebus and his attorney Albin Conrad match wits with the mastermind of a multi-target terrorist attack who unleashes a plague that turns people into mindless cannibals. … Read More