UnCommon Bodies Q&A: Christopher Godsoe

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Pavarti K Tyler’s anthology, UnCommon Bodies , launches on Tuesday  (but it’s available for pre-order on Amazon right now) and to celebrate I’m running a series of interviews with the authors from the book. Today I’m talking to Christopher Godsoe, author of The Zealot. What attracted you to the UnCommon Bodies project? I’m a huge fan of short story collections in general, having read several from authors like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, and I’ve long been a fan of the Future Chronicles anthologies by Samuel Peralta (featuring contributions from several of my favorite authors). Also, Karl Schroeder’s stories in the MetaTropolis audiobook series have heavily influenced my writing. I’ve always wanted to contribute stories to anthologies like UnCommon Bodies, so when Pavarti posted that she had begun accepting submissions, I immediately committed to writing something to send in. Tell us about your lead character, what makes them UnCommon? The main character in The Zealot is named Dru, and she is the new partner of Tobin Maldovan, the antagonist in my science fiction novel pre://d.o.mai.n. Dru and Tobin are both FBI Agents, with Tobin having transferred across the country following the events in pre://d.o.mai.n. I don’t believe in good vs. evil, I believe … Read More