A Year in Writing – 2014

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As is traditional, it’s time for a few end of year posts, and as is traditional (for me), I’ve left them until the beginning of January when the year is actually complete and everyone is fed up with end of year round-ups. But hey, I’m a unique and special snowflake so I don’t care. First up, writing… Here’s the stats for last year (numbers in brackets are for 2013) Stories published: 3 plus 1 reprint (7) Writing time:  458.5 hours (265.5) Total word count :  275,872 (169,080) Average words per hour:  602 (726) Days of writing:  365 (251) Average words per day:  756  (674) First drafts completed: Short Stories 6 (16) First drafts completed: Novels 1 (2) Final drafts completed: Short Stories 3 (14) New submissions: 23 (64) New markets submitted to: 11 (33) Submissions still outstanding: 4 (5) Blog posts:  174 (107) 2014 was the first year I wrote every day so it’s no surprise that the overall word count is up from last year – 275,872 words compared to 169,080 in 2013. That’s a bit short of the 300,000 words I predicted a full year of writing would get me – maybe next year. Incidentally, that’s about the same number of words as … Read More