Gratuitous Kitten Picture

Philip HarrisPhotos2 Comments

When we arrived at the Melia Hotel in Nassau we┬ámet several cats. They were a little bit skittish but looked very healthy. The next morning we realised why. One of the Melia restaurants is a buffet, breakfast and dinner, which means there are a constant stream of visitors sitting outside who are more than happy to grab a bit of extra sushi or stake or bacon for the cats (not to mention the remnants of meals dropped by any babies that happen to be staying in the hotel). Every morning we’d see them wandering around outside and every morning they’d find a few cat-friendly people to feed them. This is Bob (that may not be his actual name) and I’m pretty sure his job was to break down people’s defences by staring longingly at their food. [Gratuitous Kitten Picture by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 26th February 2014]