Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Destroying Ray

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In last week’s episode of the Flash Gordon rewatch, Flash, Dale, Princess Aura and Prince Thun were trapped in the palace of the shark men as it floods. Time to find out how they get out of this particular mess… Ming uses a “ray” to counteract the magnetic power that holds the shark palace underwater. Thanks to Ming’s intervention, Kala’s palace rises above the water allowing Flash and the others to escape. Princess Aura wants to return to her father but Flash sides with Prince Thun and the three of them (sorry, four of them,  I forgot about Dale) head off to the lion men’s kingdom. Back in Ming’s palace, Prince Baron approaches Zarkov.  Baron is the true ruler of Mongo and promises to help Zarkov rescue his friends in return for their allegiance. On the way to the lion men’s kindom, Flash and the others are attacked by hawk men. While Flash fends them off, Dale and Thun flee, but they are captured and taken to the King of the hawk men – Vultan. Prince Baron and Zarkov arrive and scare off the last of the hawk men. Prince Baron offers to take Flash in his rocketship to rescue Dale, and despite Aura’s protestations, Flash agrees. … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 3 – Captured by Shark Men

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It’s Saturday, so it’s time for the next part of our Flash Gordon rewatch. Things were looking pretty bad for Flash and Dale at the end of last week’s episode – The Tunnel of Terror. Dale had been put into a trance using the dehumanizer and Flash had just fallen unconscious having been caught by a giant crab-parrot-Godzilla thing. I’ve got a feeling things will be okay (at least for a while) so grab some popcorn and your favourite beverage and let’s watch Chapter 3 – (spoiler) Captured by Shark Men.   I was right! Prince Thun comes to Flash’s rescue and kills the giant parrot with a “raygun”. Flash and Thun prevent the final stroke of the sacred gong from sounding, in the process stopping the wedding between Dale and Ming. They rescue Dale and flee, vandalising a religious idol along the way. To Princess Aura’s chagrin, Ming orders the use of the water trap. Flash and Thun (and the still-entranced Dale) are (again) cornered by Ming’s men and (again) Thun sacrifices himself to allow Flash and Dale to escape, but as Dale returns to her normal self, a trap door opens, plunging them into water and the waiting arms of the Shark Men. Princess Aura finds Thun and … Read More

Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 1 – The Planet of Peril

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Time for the first chapter of the Flash Gordon rewatch. If you haven’t read the background for this series of posts, you can get up to speed with here. Otherwise, grab your popcorn and let’s settle down and watch The Planet of Peril.   We start the show with Earth already under threat from a mysterious (radioactive) planet that will soon hit Earth and smash it to atoms. Not good. After a quick trip around the world where we see how people are reacting to their imminent demise, we join polo player Flash Gordon and the lovely Dale Arden on a plane caught in a meteor storm. Things are already looking bad, but thankfully the airline has thought ahead and provided parachutes. Unfortunately, safety standards being what they were in 1936, there aren’t enough parachutes to go round. Always the gentleman, Flash grabs Dale and jumps out of the aircraft. Landing in a strange looking country, Flash and Dale encounter Doctor Alexis Zarkov – the prototypical mad scientist who believes he holds the key to saving Earth. After a brief debate, the three of them board Zarkov’s rocket ship and head off to save the planet. Thanks to Zarkov’s rocket and its counter magnets, the three earthlings make it … Read More