UnCommon Bodies Q&A: Michael Harris Cohen

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The launch of the UnCommon Bodies anthology, edited by Pavarti K. Tyler, is fast approaching. Today I’m talking to another of the UnCommon Bodies author, this time Michael Harris Cohen about the opening story in the anthology – We is We.   What attracted you to the UnCommon Bodies project? I’m always drawn to freakish and twisted characters, though usually my characters are more psychological freaks than physical ones.  So I was stoked right off by an anthology whose notice was “Give us your freaks, your sideshow acts, your mutations,” like some tilted version of Lady Liberty’s inscription. The other attraction was that it was the end of my break and my classes were starting soon (the death knell for any serious writing) and I was unsatisfied with the work I’d done over the summer. I’m mired in a messy but endlessly fascinating (at least for me) novel draft that’s probably a year or more away from something that satisfies my inner critic. Anyway, I felt creatively constipated and wanted to write something to the end before the start of the semester.  An attraction to freaks and a desire for closure, that’s the short answer for what drew me in. What was the hardest … Read More