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The Stanley Hotel Writers Retreat

In a few hours , I’ll be flying to The Stanley Hotel in Colorado for a five day horror writing retreat. The Stanley is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write a little book called The Shining, hence its choice as the location for the retreat. In case you’re wondering, no it’s not the […]

“Shape your image and we’ll all be greedy”

I seem to remember hating Daisy Chainsaw‘s Love Your Money when it came out (way back in 1991). It’s noisy and on the surface pretty dumb but I was also fascinated with it and ended up buying the single. I honestly don’t remember why. Maybe as a joke. Nine years later, I bought an album called Taxidermy by a band […]

Metrics Monday – 20th October 2014

A surprisingly good week… That’s 9,326 words – certainly one of my most productive weeks, despite the fact I wasn’t concentrating on word count. I made a big push over the weekend to finish The Zombie Book, got really wrapped up in the final few chapters and spent a lot more time writing than I would normally. They’re all finished now, […]

Five Reasons I Built My Own Ebooks

Over the past three weeks, I’ve released three short stories as Kindle ebooks – a science fiction story called Bottled Lightning, an urban fantasy story called Saviour and Curfew, a supernatural thriller. The three stories are my first dip of a toe into self-publishing waters and I chose them because a) I like them and b) they […]