Three Hundred Days of Writing

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Yesterday, I hit the three hundred day point in my writing streak –  breaking my previous record by one hundred and one days. I wish I could say I hit such a significant milestone with a spectacular flourish but this week’s word count has been pretty low so far and I limped across the line with a meagre 454 words. Here’s a graph of what those three hundred days look like. (Click for a bigger version) The blue line is the number of words per day. It’s a bit spikey so I’ve added a seven day rolling average (the red line) to give a better sense of my general productivity. There’s clearly 4-5 blocks of time where I increased my productivity and a patch around the middle of the streak where my daily word count was consistently low. The green line is the overall total number of words. I ended up writing 199,407 words. That comes to 665 words a day which is down slightly from the 150 day mark (681 words per day) and the 100 day point (737 words per day). That’s probably due to the fact that I’m spending a lot of time revising which doesn’t contribute a lot of words to the total. Had I known how close I was to … Read More

Metrics Monday – 21st April 2014

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I’m behind on The Ghost Smuggler. I really need to get this second draft complete by the end of the month and it’s looking increasingly unlikely. I figure I’m a couple of weeks away from finishing. It’s a deadline I set myself but there is an underlying reality to it. I need to move on to editing Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet and that really does have a deadline – I’m sending it to an editor at the beginning of July. Last week’s word count wasn’t too bad – 4,675 words although that does include Friday’s writing exercise and I spent some time revising Immersion Therapy. The reason I’m spending so much more time on The Ghost Smuggler is very simple. I’m still writing a lot of new chapters. Most of them are replacing the old ones and I’m far happier with the new story than I was with the first draft but it means it’s taking a lot longer than I’d originally hoped. Still, it will be worth it in the end. [Metrics Monday – 21st April 2014 by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 22nd April 2014]

Metrics Monday – 7th April 2014

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After a couple of very successful weeks I only managed a measly 2,017 words last week – primarily thanks to my day job taking up most of my spare time. In my defence, I did wrap up the almost last draft of my new short story – Immersion Therapy and revisions take a while but don’t generate much word count. I also got through a couple more chapters of The Ghost Smuggler, did some outlining of my zombie novel and wrote a few hundred words to get a feel for that one. The current plan is to start writing it in July – I should be done with the revisions of The Ghost Smuggler and Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet by then. I’m hoping for a better word count this week but I’m spending the next few days in San Francisco at an internal Developer Conference. That’s a bit of a mixed blessing as far as writing goes. I get a couple of flights I can use to write and I don’t lose time to running or commuting but on the flip side there are usually a lot of after hours events and I’m presenting which means I’ll be preparing for that during my … Read More