Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 11 – In the Claws of the Tigron

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We’re almost at the end of the Flash Gordon Rewatch – just three more episodes to go. When we left Flash last week, he had vanished, just as he was about to be executed by Ming’s guards.


Ah ha! I was right. It was Zarkov and his wondrous “rays” playing tricks on the guards. Gambling with Flash’s life, Zarkov used his experimental ray to render Flash invisible.

After a brief moment where it looks like Flash may not reappear, Zarkov successfully reverses the effects of the ray and Flash falls into Dale’s grateful arms.

Seeing the invisibility ray as a way to defeat Ming, Flash volunteers to be turned invisible again and heads off to Ming’s throne room.

Ming is sceptical when he hears of Flash’s disappearance and orders him captured, dead or alive. Just at that moment, Flash strikes and attacks Ming. Sparing Ming’s life, Flash demonstrates his power by fighting off Ming’s guards and then insists Ming let his friends go. Flash then warns Ming that he will always be watching him and leaves.

The High priest claims Flash’s invisibility is caused by the anger of their god but Ming is having none of it. He plans to destroy the invisibility machine but Aura convinces him to wait until Flash is visible again and she leaves to spy on Zarkov and the others.

In a Laurel and Hardy-esque scene, the still invisible Flash frees Vultan and the two of them return to Zarkov who now has enough power magazines to power their rocket ship to Vultan’s sky city and then back to Earth.

Back at the lab, Earth makes another attempt to contact Mongo and this time they are successful. Zarkov informs Professor Gordon that his son is alive but the signal fades before he can say more.

Flash is clearly enjoying the whole invisibility thing and goes back into the machine, unaware that Aura is spying on them.

Zarkov, Vultan and invisi-Flash head off to the ship with the power magazines, leaving Prince Baron and Dale behind. Seeing an opportunity, Aura sends a guard to capture them.

Prince Baron realises their plans have been compromised and takes Dale to safety, leaving the invisibility machine unguarded.

Aura visits some sort of mystic and orders her to send the Tigron after Dale.

Prince Baron leaves Dale “safe” in a cave beneath the city and returns to warn the other that they are in danger.

Flash, Zarkov and Vultan arrive back in the laboratory where they are discovered by Ming’s guards. As Flash and Vultan fight them off, Flash’s invisibility wears off. Baron arrives and as Zarkov and Vultan hold up the guards, Flash and Baron head back to Dale.

But they’re too late! Aura and the mystic woman release the Tigron and it attacks Dale!

Will Flash and Baron get to Dale before she is mauled to death? Will Ming finally manage to kill Flash?

Favourite Scene

High jinks galore as invisi-Flash wanders Ming’s palace leaving the guards confounded. Yes, that’s a fish floating in mid-air.


Favourite Line

“Zarkov has conquered space!”

Favourite Character

Charles Middleton’s Ming is really the star of Flash Gordon  and he’s at his melodramatic best this week as he battles invisi-Flash.


Join me again for Chapter 12 of Flash Gordon – Trapped in the Turret.


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[Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 11 – In the Claws of the Tigron by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 5th September 2015]

One Comment on “Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 11 – In the Claws of the Tigron”

  1. The scene that you chose as your favorite, the one with King Vultan in jail and an invisible Flash acting like a ghost, is the funniest scene in the entire 13 chapters! It is a real classic. Then again, an invisible Flash getting the better of Ming and his soldiers is neat as well. The cliffhanger ending here is my favorite of the entire serial, as Princess Aura and her mystic female pal let the deadly Tigron loose and it heads right for it’s prey, the lovely Dale Arden! Has Princess Aura finally found a way to get rid of her blonde rival permanently? We will learn the answer in Chapter 12…

    This is not my favorite Flash Gordon serial cliffhanger ending, however. That award goes to Chapter 8, The Fiery Abyss, in Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. There Dale Arden, aka Carol Hughes, is being lowered into a fiery pit, somewhat like the trap Flash found himself in at the end of Chapter 1 in the same serial, which I say is the best Flash Gordon cliffhanger ending of all three Flash Gordon serials.

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