Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 10 – The Unseen Peril

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I wish I could say I cunningly named my new novel, Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet after this chapter of Flash Gordon and then timed the rewatch so that the two lined up nicely but I didn’t.

Still, let’s just pretend I’m that organised and settle down to watch Chapter 10.


At the end of last week’s chapter, Flash had, thanks to the High Priest’s treachery been caught by the Fire Dragon. Luckily for Flash, Zarkov is carrying a hitherto unseen grenade and handily takes down the fearsome Fire Dragon.

Zarkov realises Aura has drugged Flash. Our heroes are forced back to the palace where Zarkov will be able to revive him, although he may not be able to reverse the effects of the drug.

Some time later, Flash is brought before Ming, ostensibly to receive his reward for defeating the orangopoid – his choice of bride!

To Dale’s horror, Flash has no memory of either her or Princess Aura and declines Ming’s offer. Prince Baron, smart cookie that he is realizes Flash must have been given the draught of forgetfulness.

Aura makes her move and takes Flash away, promising to explain how he knows her. King Vultan is incensed and promises to get Flash Gordon out of this particular pickle but is taken away by Ming’s guards and thrown into a cell.

Prince Baron turns to Zarkov for help and the doctor sends him to get Flash away from Aura.

As Aura convinces Flash he knows her, Dale makes one last attempt to reconnect with him and fails. Aura sends Dale away and prepares to give Flash a literal love potion.

Prince Baron arrives and together, he and Dale try to convince Flash to return to Dr Zarkov. Aura accuses them of trying to harm her, and Flash leaps to her defence.

After a spirited sword fight between Flash and Prince Baron, and just as it seems Flash is going to defeat Baron, Zarkov arrives. He grabs Flash, giving Baron an opportunity to knock him out.

They take Flash back to the laboratory and Zarkov begins restoring Flash’s memory using more miracle rays.

Back on Earth, Flash’s dad unveils a new, more powerful receiver (nine times more powerful in fact) and makes contact with Zarkov.

When Aura informs Ming of Flash’s rescue, he is incensed and sends the officer of his guard to execute him.

Zarkov loses contact with Earth which sucks but on the plus side Flash wakes up and remembers everyone again.

Ming’s guards arrive to execute Flash but as the guards take aim, Flash disappears!

What the hell?

Favourite Scene

Aura convincing Flash he should choo-choo-choose her. Dale’s far too polite for her own good – maybe she’s Canadian.


Favourite Line

“This Earth man has disturbed the affairs of my empire too long!”

Favourite Character

Zarkov was the hero this week. He:

  • Blows up the fire dragon
  • Grabs Flash so that Prince Baron can knock him out and save him from Aura
  • Gets a message to Earth
  • Revives Flash and restores his memory

And I’m pretty sure he’s saved Flash’s life using some sort of ray.


Come back next week for the chapter 11 – In the Claws of the Tigron.


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[Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 10 – The Unseen Peril by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 29th August 2015]

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  1. Well, you are right on regarding the hero of the week. It has to be Doctor Zarkov. While not an overly exciting cliffhanger ending to this chapter, I give it credit for originality. My favorite scene has to be when Princess Aura tells Flash that Dale is one of the Emperor’s wives and then she ushers a heartbroken Dale Arden out of the room, so she can be alone with Flash! What a delightfully devious and deadly gal Princess Aura shows herself to be! She will do almost anything to win Flash away from poor Dale. Luckily for Dale, I guess Flash prefers blondes to black-haired women, so she is probably on safe ground with Flash, unless Princess Aura can find a way to dispose of her…..

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