Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Destroying Ray

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In last week’s episode of the Flash Gordon rewatch, Flash, Dale, Princess Aura and Prince Thun were trapped in the palace of the shark men as it floods.

Time to find out how they get out of this particular mess…

Ming uses a “ray” to counteract the magnetic power that holds the shark palace underwater. Thanks to Ming’s intervention, Kala’s palace rises above the water allowing Flash and the others to escape.

Princess Aura wants to return to her father but Flash sides with Prince Thun and the three of them (sorry, four of them,  I forgot about Dale) head off to the lion men’s kingdom.

Back in Ming’s palace, Prince Baron approaches Zarkov.  Baron is the true ruler of Mongo and promises to help Zarkov rescue his friends in return for their allegiance.

On the way to the lion men’s kindom, Flash and the others are attacked by hawk men. While Flash fends them off, Dale and Thun flee, but they are captured and taken to the King of the hawk men – Vultan.

Prince Baron and Zarkov arrive and scare off the last of the hawk men. Prince Baron offers to take Flash in his rocketship to rescue Dale, and despite Aura’s protestations, Flash agrees.

At the hawk men’s palace in the sky, Prince Thun is sent to the atom furnace by Vultan who clearly has his sights set on Dale who is slowly recovering from her most recent fainting episode.

King Vultan orders the destruction of Prince Baron’s rocketship using a melting ray while he torments Dale by chasing her around the throne room, laughing madly and unleashing a punk bear called Urso.

Baron uses his rocketship’s resistoforce to neutralise the power of the melting rays but the rays will soon overwhelm the ship’s energy reserves.

It turns out Urso isn’t really a threat, and King Vultan sends him back into his secret kennel.  Unfortunately, Vultan clearly he has plans for Dale. And not the good kind of plans either.

Prince Baron’s rocketship finally succumbs to the melting ray and plummets out of the sky.

Will Dale finally do something and escape Vultan’s lecherous advances? Can Prince Baron land his rocketship, or will Flash die a fiery death?

Definitely some dark undertones in this episode – it’s pretty clear what King Vultan is planning. I’m actually genuinely interested in seeing how Dale gets away from him given that Flash and co aren’t close enough to come to her rescue. Maybe this will be the moment when she comes into her own and unleashes some martial arts skills. Or maybe she’ll just faint.

Aura continues to be randomly troublesome, this time abandoning Thun and Dale to the hawk men. No one seems concerned about her tagging along though.

Favourite Scene

As Prince Thun and Dale are captured, one of the hawk men taps Thun on the head with his spear. Thun promptly collapses to the ground, presumably unconscious. Doesn’t seem particularly lion-like to me.


Favourite Line

“She calls for a flash! We will have to provide a flash for her if that what she wants!”

Favourite Character

It has to be King Vultan who spends most of his scenes laughing insanely. This character is another that is mirrored pretty closely in the 1980 movie, and it’s easy to see why they picked Brian Blessed for the role.



Next Week

Join us again next week for Chapter 6 – Flaming Torture.




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[Flash Gordon Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Destroying Ray by Philip Harris first appeared on Solitary Mindset on 25th July 2015]

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  1. Well, I concur with your favorite line and there is little doubt that King Vultan deserves the award for the best performance in Chapter 5. Actually, I like his character very much. As if you couldn’t guess, my favorite scene is Vultan frightening Dale.

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